Gabriel Gonzaga

Gabriel Napao GonzagaNickname: Napão (big nose)
Born in 1979
Home: Rio de Janeiro – Brasil
Style: brazilian jiu-jitsu
Team: Team Link
Division: over 99 Kg

BJJ record:
- 2006 CBJJO World Cup Black Belt – heavyweight champion
- 2005 CBJJO World Cup Black Belt – 2nd place (heavyweight)
- 2005 CBJJO World Cup Black Belt – 3rd place (absolute)
- 2004 World Jiu-Jitsu Championship – heavyweight champion
- 2003 CBJJO World Cup Black Belt – 2nd place (heavyweight)
- 2003 CBJJO World Cup Black Belt – 2nd place (absolute)
- 2000 World Jiu-Jitsu Championship – 3rd place (heavyweight)

ADCC record:
- 2005 2nd place (over 99 Kg division)

Record of ADCC opponents:
Won: Mustapha al-Turk, Ricco Rodriguez, Marcio Cruz, Eduardo Telles
Lost: Jeff Monson, Xande Ribeiro

MMA record: 11 – 4 – 0 (55% wins by submission)

Gabriel Napao Gonzaga
Gabriel Napao Gonzaga

Gabriel “Napão” Gonzaga holds his black belt in brazilian jiu-jitsu under Wander Braga. He is a former member of the famous Chute Boxe Academy. In 2004 Gonzaga won the Mundials which is considered to be the top BJJ competition in the world. He currently trains with Team Link in Massachusetts. Napão stunned the world on 2007 when he knocked Mirko “Cro Cop” out with a devastating head kick late in the first round after dominating him from the start. This victory earned Gonzaga a UFC Heavyweight Championship fight against the champion Randy Couture. Recently Napão delivered a beating to Chris Tuchscherer which led to a first round referee stoppage at UFC 102. He continues his quest for the top of the UFC heavyweight division!

Karol Bedorf

karol bedorfNickname: Coco
Born in 1983
Home: Szczecin, Poland
Style: submission fighting
Team: Szczecin Top Team
Division: over 99 Kg

MMA record: 5 – 1 – 0

karol bedorf x francis carmont
karol bedorf x francis carmont

Karol “Coco” Bedorf is a polish heavy weight mixed martial artist. He is following a four straight victories in MMA against very good fighters like Slavomir Molnar. Karol is a choke specialist and it’s not easy to handle his 112 Kg on the ground. He started in Konfrontacja Sztuk Walki and he fought in Pro Fight, having an important victory against Mindaugas Maskvytis by rear-naked-choke.

Jeff Monson

monson-frontNickname: The SnowmanJeff monson 2
Born in 1971
Home: USA
Style: Wrestling/Bjj
Team: ATT
Division: over 99 Kg

Submission Fighting Jeff monson stand offrecord:

ADCC World Submission Fighting Championships:

ADCC 2005 99+kg: 1st Place

ADCC 2003 99+kg: Quarter Finals

ADCC 2001 99+kg: 2nd place

ADCC 2000 88-98 kg: Quarter Finals, 2nd place Openweight
ADCC 1999 88-99 Kg 1st place

No-Gi Championships:

2007 CBJJ Black Belt SuperSuperHeavy: 2nd Place

2007 CBJJ Black Belt Open Weight: 1st Place

2007 Budweiser World Jiu-Jitsu Championships – Pro no-gi 1st place.

2006 Budweiser World Jiu-Jitsu Championships – Pro no-gi 1st place.

2004 Budweiser World Jiu-Jitsu Championships – Pro no-gi 1st place.

Jeff Monson is one of the most successful Submission fighters in the world with 2 golds and 2 second places at ADCC world finals, he also have an impressive MMA card with 31 wins (20 by submission)  in 39 fights.

His first important achievement in international grounds was the impressive victory at ADCC 1999 in Abu Dhabi, when he won over names such as Fabiano Capoane, Roberto Traven, Rigan Machado and Saulo Ribeiro, at this very same tournament the Brazilians, impressed with this giant bald very withe man, gave Monson his famous nickname, at the weight-in they were referring to him in Portuguese as the “Boneco de Neve” and then after he won his weight division the international media translated his nickname and he is now known as  “The snowman”.

Tom Erikson

tom eriksonNickname: The Big Cat
Born in 1964
Home: Illinois – USA
Style: Wrestling
Team: freelance
Division: over 99 Kg

Wrestling record:

- 1997 USA Senior Freestyle Champion

- 2 times NJCAA Collegiate Champion

- 1997 FILA World Championship Freestyle – 4th place

MMA record: 9 – 4 – 1

Tom Erikson chokes Tim Catalfo
Tom Erikson chokes Tim Catalfo

Tom “The Big Cat” Erikson is a veteran fighter with a wonderful record in freestyle wrestling in USA. He started competing for Triton College in River Grove, Illinois. Later, Erikson competed for Oklahoma State University, famous for its rich athletic heritage. In 1996 he started in MMA, when the rules were still not well defined. The Big Cat debuted in PRIDE in 1999 winning Gary Goodridge, but his most famous achievement was his victory over Kevin Randleman, The Monster. Erikson has also fought in K-1 and now he’s been invited to fight in ADCC in recognition for his career.

Roberto “Cyborg” Abreu

Cyborg_2Nickname: Cyborg
Born in 1980
Home: South Beach/Miami Beach-FL, USA
Style: BJJ & submission fighting
Team: New Generation
Division: under 98.9 Kg


BJJ/ Submission Fighting record:
-South American BJJ Champion 2004/2006
-South American BJJ Champion 2004/2006  Open Class
-Pan American BJJ Champion 2001/2002/2008
-European BJJ Champion 2005
-11 times BJJ World Medalist.
-2 times Brazilian Wrestling Champion

Cyborg is a complete BJJ and Submission Fighting athlete. He is extremely good on throws, good passing and doing gaurd (specially half-gard). Good in submissions, physically very strong and with good stamina. This combination gave Roberto a possibility to win fights over names such as Demian Maia, Braulio Estima, Bill Cooper and Mike Fowler.
Abreu has an aggressive BJJ style and is used to compete in submission fighting tournaments. This year in Barcelona he is going to give his best to put his name at the  very selective group of ADCC world champions.

Rogent Lloret

rogent5Born in 1979
Home: Barcelona – Spain
Style: Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and Submission Fighting
Team: Gracie Barcelona & MMA Barcelona
Division: under over 99Kg

MMA Record: 7 – 1 – 0

Rogent Lloret was the first Spanish to be confirmed to the  ADCC BARCELONA 2009.

He is the most successful Spanish Grappler in the present moment, this black belt in BJJ from  Robin Gracie is the 2009 European champion, winner of the European selective for the ADCC professional world championship in BJJ and unbeaten in the M-1 Challenge, last week he was appointed to join the M1 GLOBAL and is fighting August 29th in San Diego, California against the dangerous rusian Aalexey Olynyk.

Besides being a great champion is a great person and humble warrior,  Rogent LLoret is bound to make history in BJJ, submission fighting and MMA for Spain.
He can be a good surprise for the local Catalans.

The first Spanish to be confirmed to the  ADCC BARCELONA 2009 is Rogent LLoret. Congratulations!

The fighter is the most successful Spanish in the present moment, this black belt in BJJ from  Robin Gracie is the 2009 European champion, winner of the European selective for the ADCC professional world championship in BJJ and unbeaten in the M-1 Challenge.

Besides being a great champion is a great person and humble warrior. Rogent LLoret is bound to make history in BJJ, submission fighting and MMA for our country.
He can be a good surprise for the local Catalans.

Saulo Ribeiro

SauloBorn in 1974 in Porto Velho – Brasil
Home: San Diego, CA – USA
Style: Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and Submission Fighting
Team: Gracie Humaitá
Division: over 99 Kg

Saulo Ribeiro is a third degree blackbelt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, a six time World Jiu-Jitsu Champion, and a two time ADCC Submission Fighting World Champion. He began his training in Rio De Janeiro under Royler Gracie, the son of Helio Gracie, at the legendary Gracie Humaitá. He received his black belt on November 27, 1995.

Saulo is known by his extreme versatility, he have fought and won all kind of grapplers, Olympic judo athletes, Olympic wrestlers and all top BJJ fighters of his generation. He is a very disciplined and wise competitor, he combines like no one else (maybe his brother Xande Ribeiro) technique, ability, physical training and strategy. This year at ADCC BARCELONA 2009 he will fight the division over 99kg, and even though he will be much lighter then his opponents he is always a very dangerous fighter.


Fabricio Werdum

fabricio werdumNickname: “Vai Cavalo!”
Born in 1977
Home: Porto Alegre – Brasil
Style: Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu
Team: Chute Boxe
Division: over 99 Kg

ADCC record:
-ADCC 2007  over 99 Kg: 1st place
-ADCC 2005  over 99 Kg: 3rd place
-ADCC 2003 over 99 kg: 2nd place
-ADCC 2003 Absolute: 3rd place

MMA record:
11 – 4 – 1
(45% of victories by submission)

fabricio Werdum

BJJ record:
- World Jiu Jitsu Champion 2004
- World Jiu Jitsu Champion 2003
- World JJ Champion 2000 (weight and absolute)
- World Jiu Jitsu Cup Champion 2004
- 3 times Panamerican JJ Champion (2000, 2001, 2002)
- 5 times European Champion (1999, 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003)
- US Open 2003 Champion

Werdum started training Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu after a recommendation from his ex-girlfriend. He trained with Marcio Corletta at the Porto Alegre Academy (Sylvio Behring’s). After success in competitive BJJ and submission wrestling, he started his career in MMA. Some years before he went to Spain, to join his mother who had moved to the city of Madrid. At the age of 17, soon after his arrival to Spain, still purple belt, Fabricio started teaching the art of BJJ in Madrid and other cities of Spain. Despite training with just white and blue belts, he became BJJ World Champion, being promoted to the rank of black belt by Sylvio Behring 3 years later. He has therefore made a great contribution in spreading BJJ in Spain where many of his former students keep spreading the art of BJJ nowadays. Since 2002 he devoted himself to MMA, becoming a Pride star after fighting in events like Millenium London and Jungle Fight.

Denis Roberts

Denis roberts0Home: Canberra – Australia
Style: Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu
Division: over 99 Kg
BJJ/ADCC record: ADCC 2009 Pacific Trials Winner
Bio: A knowledgable crowd watched as the competitors fought to qualify for the most prestigious grappling tournament in the world. Some of the day’s highlights include Canberra’s very own Denis Roberts taking out the over 99kg division, winning the final with a twister!

Asa Fuller

Asa triangleBorn in 1970
Home: California – USA
Style: Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu
Team: Ace Jiu-Jitsu Fountain Valley
Division: over 99 Kg
BJJ/ADCC record: ADCC North American East Coast Trials winner
MMA record: 1 – 1 -0

Bio: Asa went to the campus of California State University, Dominguez Hills, during this past Memorial Weekend and stuck it to the competition at the tender young age of 38 years old! He won every single match by submission. Asa and his partner Chris “The Broom” Thue have recently opened their own academy, Ace Jiu-Jitsu in Fountain Valley, California.

Janne-Pekka Pietiläinen

Janne-Pekka Pietiläinen

Janne-Pekka Pietiläinen

Born in 1982
Home: Tampere – Finland
Style: Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu
Team: Hilti BJJ Tampere
Division: over 99 Kg

BJJ record: (53 – 16 – 0)
- 2009 BJJ World Champion brown belt, ultra heavy (and 3rd place in open class)
- 2008  BJJ European Champion (purple belts, in both ultra heavy and open class)
- Six-time Finnish champion in BJJ

ADCC record: (30 – 7 – 0)
- ADCC 2007 European Trials winner
- 3rd place in ADCC European Trials 2005

“I am really looking forward the competition. It is really exciting to get to fight the best fighters of the world in our home continent. At the Mundials in July I fought my personal best so far, and as I have been training very hard since then I am sure I will be in top condition in September to face the best of the world.”

Tomasz Janiszewski

Tomasz JaniszewskiHome: Poland
Division: over 99 Kg
BJJ/ADCC record: ADCC 2009 European Trials winner
MMA record: 2 – 2 – 0 (both by submission)
Bio: Janiszewski did very well in European Trials. He won against Eddy Bengtson in an extremely hard final. Tomasz is also a MMA fighter with two victories in four fights in his homeland Poland. Both of his wins were by submission.

Antoine Jaoude

Antoine JaoudeNickname: “The Diplomat”
Born in 1977
Home: Rio de Janeiro – Brasil
Style: Wrestling
Team: Ruas Vale-Tudo
Division: over 99 Kg

Wrestling/ADCC record:
- South America ADCC 2009 Trials winner
- Silver medal in 2003 Pan American Games
- Competitor of Athens 2000 Olympics

MMA record: 8 – 3 – 0

Bio: Jaoude spent a good portion of his childhood in Lebanon, growing up during the Lebanese Civil War. He later on represented Brazil in wrestling as an Olympiad in the Athens games, where he was the only South American wrestler. He was also a silver medalist in wrestling at the Pan Am games. Jaoude is currently pursuing a law degree, and speaks five languages, hoping to one day work with the United Nations.
Murilo Bustamante sobre Antoine Jaoude: “Uma grande pessoa, atleta dedicado, disciplinado, tem tudo para se tornar um dos maiores pesos pesados do Mundo!

Kouji Kanechika

koji kanechika

Home: Japan
Team: Freelance
Division: over 99Kg
MMA record: 2 -2 – 0
Bio: Kanechika is a heavy MMA freelance fighter with two wins in four fights, both in 2009. He likes to submit by armbar.

Tom DeBlass

Tom de Blass and Ricardo Almeida

Tom DeBlass and Ricardo Almeida

Born in 1982
Home: New Jersey – USA
Style: Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu
Team: Renzo Gracie
Ricardo Almeida
Division: over 99 Kg
MMA record: 1 – 1 – 0
Bio: Tom DeBlass is a No-Gi Jiu-Jitsu World Champion, Pan American Champion, American National Champion, and a Black Belt professor who studies under Ricardo Almeida, Renzo Gracie’s first american black belt.  After years of tutelage, Tom understands the difference between self-defense study and competition preparation. At Ocean County BJJ, he provide the highest quality structured self-defense learning in a non-competitive environment that allows students to pursue their personal goals at their own pace.

We’ve written about him before, here.