Kassim Annan

kassimannanNickname: “Hulk”
Born in 1980
Home: Antony – France
Style: submission fighting
Team: French Konnection
Division: under 87.9 Kg
MMA record: 10 – 2 – 0 (80% wins by submission)
Bio: “The Hulk” have been fighting since 2000, in many respected MMA events like Meca, Shooto, Jungle Fight, M-1 and Night of the Gladiators.

Keita Nakamura

k-taroNickname: “K-Taro”
Born in 1984
Home: Tokyo – Japan
Style: Ju-Jitsu
Team: Wajyutsu Keisyukai Tokyo
Division: under 76.9 Kg
MMA record: 17 – 4 – 2
Bio: Nakamura is a senior, studying Law in college while pursuing a professional career in martial arts.

Rani Yahya

RANY_YAHYABorn in 1984

Home: Brasília – Brasil

Style: Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu

Team: Rickson Gracie

Division: under 65.9 Kg

ADCC/BJJ record:

- ADCC 2007 Champion under 65.9 Kg

- ADCC 2005 second place (lost to Leo Vieira)

- ADCC 2003 quarter-finalist

- World Jiu-Jitsu Champion in brown belt lightweight (2003)

- World Jiu-Jitsu Champion in purple belt lightweight (2002)

MMA record: 14 – 4 – 0 (93% by submission)

Bio: Rani Yahya is ADCC 2007 World Champion! This mixed martial artist have a beautiful history in ADCC. In the previous edition Rani was 2nd place, and in 2003 he was one of the four finalists. He currently fights in both the featherweight and bantamweight divisions of the American-based MMA organization World Extreme Cagefighting. Yahya finishes almost all of his MMA fights with a submission, normally a perfect choke.

I fight in any type of rules. I’ll fight any weight class”

El Local!


El primero Español a estar confirmado al ADCC BARCELONA 2009 es Rogent LLoret, enhorabuena!!!

Es el luchador español en mejor forma física de la actualidad,  cinturón negro de BJJ de Robin Gracie y campeón europeo 2009. Ganó la selectiva europea para el mundial profesional ADCC de jiu-jitsu, invencible en el M-1 Challenge.

Además de ser un gran campeón, es una gran persona: humilde y guerrero sin par, Rogent LLoret está destinado a hacer historia dentro del BJJ, del submission fighting y de la MMA de nuestro pais.
Mucho entreno ahora para luchar con los mejores del mundo y ser una gran sorpresa para los que no lo conocen!

In English:

The first Spanish to be confirmed to the  ADCC BARCELONA 2009 is Rogent LLoret. Congratulations!

The fighter is the most successful Spanish in the present moment, this black belt in BJJ from  Robin Gracie is the 2009 European champion, winner of the European selective for the ADCC professional world championship in BJJ and unbeaten in the M-1 Challenge.

Besides being a great champion is a great person and humble warrior. Rogent LLoret is bound to make history in BJJ, submission fighting and MMA for our country.
He can be a good surprise for the local Catalans.

Interview with Lana Stefanac

lana stefanac

Lana is a heavyweight champion! This american from Trinity JJ defeated Kyra Gracie by 5 to 2 in the absolute final of the Jiu-Jitsu World Championship. She scored with a takedown and guard pass, while the Gracie scored with a sweep. Now welcome back to the ADCC!

How did you get into MMA and what is your experience with martial arts?

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu is a lifestyle for me, I train usually twice a day every day if not hindered by injuries. I have a background in Aikido, and a little Kempo. BJJ is my blood, though.

I have fought all over the country in the following tournaments and run a record of (143-0-0) in gi, my professional no-gi and amateur no-gi record is (63-3-0).  I have never been tapped out thus far, my 3 losses were highly disputed technical losses, but to very experienced females, I have cleaned up one loss and look now to avenge the other 2.

I recieved my blue belt from Relson Gracie, and my brown from Randy Bloom.

How did you become the coach for an all-female fight team and can you tell me how many are on the team and what are some of your plans to compete?

We have right now about 20 girls, of them, about 3 or 4 I would put against the toughest females out there. I am working with some local promoters and friends who have been tireless in their efforts to work with my women by getting them into some pro fights.

How did you get your nickname LETHAL FORCE?

That nickname came I think from the 2006 PanAms, I smoked through all the females in my division mostly by tapout and mostly in less than a minute, people were saying I was “Lethal”, and the name followed me ever since. When I got into MMA, my record was still going around a minute or two by submission, so hence the “Lethal Force”.

What would you like to accomplish with your career?

I want to accomplish the exact same thing as any other pro female or male, to be the best at my game, and be able to make a living off doing what I love. My biggest goal is to get my black belt in BJJ and open up my own academy where I will specialize in training women fighters. Too often there is a stigma attached to females that they “slept” their way up to a black belt or into a show, I want to be that one female that other women can look up to and say “look she did it through hard work blood and sweat, so can I”. In the meantime, my dream is to acquire financial sponsoreship so that I can train hard all the time and focus on being the best of the best.
Single? Married? Kids? Can you give me a little information on your personal background.

I married to a Sgt. Detective who is extremely wonderful and supportive of all my wild training, figthing and traveling, whom without I could not be half the person I have become so quickly just this year alone. I do not have kids nor do I want them, but I love kids and I particularly love to teach children.

font: Lana Stefanac’s official web-site

UFC Heavyweight Gabriel Napao invited!

The big stars are starting to receive their invites to round out the roster for the ADCC 2009, the traditional submission fighting competition to be held September 26 and 27, in Barcelona, Spain.

One to receive such an invite was Gabriel Napão, a fighter world titles and Jiu-Jitsu and one of the UFC’s standout heavyweights.

“I like competing in the ADCC a lot, I received an invite from the organization and I’m really happy for it. The dates doesn’t conflict with the UFC and I’ll be there again this year”.

Napao’s last appearance in the ADCC was in 2005, when he was runner-up in the over 99kg tournament. On the occasion, he was overcome in the final by Jeff Monson.

Besides the leader of Team Link, the invitation of another brazilian was confirmed. On expressing his desire to participate at ADCC 2009 to GRACIEMAG.com, Ricardo Arona was contacted by the organizers and received an official invitation from the event’s organizers.

Another much-anticipated presence is that of Fedor Emelianenko, as representatives for the Russian revealed the fighters desire to compete in the competition.

source: graciemag.com


Stay tuned because we are going to have great news regarding the fighters who will join ADCC Barcelona by Wild Card!



1. Rani Yahya. Brazil (ADCC World Champion)

2. Kouhei Yasumi. Japan (Asian Trials winner)

3. Rafael Mendes. Brazil (South American Trials winner)

4. Nicolas Renier. France (European Trials winner)

5. Timo-Juhani Hirvikangas. Finland (European Champion)

6. Ryan Hall. USA (North American east coast Trials winner)

7. David Marinakis. Australia (Pacific Trials winner)

8. Jayson Patino. USA (North American west coast Trials winner)

9-16 Wild card


1. Marcelo Garcia. Brazil (ADCC World Champion)

2. K-taro Nakamura. Japan (Asian Trials winner)

3. Murilo Santana. Brazil (South American Trials winner)

4. Marcelo Azevedo. Italy (European Trials winner)

5. Toni Linden. Finland (European Champion)

6. Don Ortega. USA (North American east coast Trials winner)

7. Rodney Ellis. Australia (Pacific Trials winner)

8. Enrico Cocco. USA (North American west coast Trials winner)

9 -16 Wild card 2/4


1. Damian Maia. Brazil (ADCC World Champion)

2. Kazuhiro Nakamura. Japan (Asian Trials winner)

3. André Galvão. Brazil (South American Trials winner)

4. Kassim Annan. France (European Trials winner)

5. Trond Saksenvik. France (European Champion)

6. Jason Selva. USA (North American east coast Trials winner)

7. Igor Praporshchikov. Australia (Pacific Trials winner)

8. Chris Weidman. USA (North American west coast Trials winner)

9 -16 Wild card


1. Xande Ribeiro. Brazil (ADCC World Champion)

2. Yukiya Naito. Japan (Asian Trials winner)

3. Glover Teixeira. Brazil (South American Trials winner)

4. Radek Turek. Poland (European Trials winner)

5. Andreas Olsen. Norway (European Champion)

6. Rafael Davies. USA (North American east coast Trials winner)

7. Anthony Perosh. Australia (Pacific Trials winner)

8. Gerardi Rinaldi. USA (North American west coast Trials winner)

9 -16 Wild card ¾


1. Fabricio Werdum. Brazil (ADCC World Champion)

2. Kouji Kanechika. Japan (Asian Trials winner)

3. Antoine Jaoude. Brazil (South American Trials winner)

4. Tomasz Janiszewski. Poland (European Trials winner)

5. Janne-Pekka Pietiläinen. Finland (European Champion)

6. Asa Fuller. USA (North American east coast Trials winner)

7. Denis Roberts. Australia (Pacific Trials winner)

8. Tom DeBlass. USA (North American west coast Trials winner)

9 -16 Wild card


Roger Gracie. Brazil vs Robert Drysdale. USA




1. Kyra Gracie. Brazil (ADCC World Champion)

2. Sayaka Shioda. Japan (ADCC World Champion)

3. Megumi Fujii. Japan (Asian & Pacific Trials winner)

4. Michelle Tavares. Brazil (South American Trials winner)

5. Laurence Cousin. France (European Trials winner)

6. Ina Steffensen. Denmark (European Champion)

7. Hillary Williams. USA (North American Trials winner)

8. Wild card


1. Hannette Staack. USA (ADCC World Champion)

2. Penny Thomas. USA (ADCC World Champion)

3. Hitomi Hiraiwa. Japan (Asian & Pacific Trials winner)

4. Rosângela Conceição. Brazil (South American Trials winner)

5. Ida Hansson. Sweden (European Trials winner)

6. Shanti Abelha. Denmark (European Champion)

7. Lana Stephanac. USA (North American Trials winner)

8. Wild card ¼

Everyone’s talking about Kyra Gracie!


She’s got strength, the looks, brazilian jiu-jitsu and submission fighting skills, a pink kimono and the Gracie name.

The 2005 and 2007 ADCC champion and three times world champion, Kyra experienced a different sensation in 2009. Hitting the beam in weight and in the open class, the fighter left California with two silver medals in the bag.

By now, Kyra might be training harder then ever to get back on the highest place on the podium again in ADCC Barcelona 2009.

Good luck, go train hard and see you in Barcelona!


tom deblassCongratulations Tom Deblass, we hope to see you having the same success in ADCC Barcelona as your master Ricardo Almeida had in previous editions!

“I am a Ricardo Almeida Black Belt. I own Ocean County Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. My purpose on this earth is to touch as many lives as possible through Jiu-Jitsu, it is my calling. I have won Pan American, World, and National titles. I trust in God, believe in myself and am very thankful for the wonderful people I have surrounding me.” Tom Deblass

Tom DeBlass is a proud Black Belt student of Ricardo Almeida, a 3rd Degree Black Belt under Renzo Gracie. Tom began his martial arts career studying Tae-Kwon-Do at the young age of 6. In high school, his love of sports drew him to the track and field team, where he excelled as a county and state sectional long-jump champion. While attending Monmouth University, where he would eventually earn a dual degree in Elementary Education and Special Education, he decided to focus his attention on training in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, the world’s most effective martial art. The following year proved to be a major turning point for Tom when he met Bill Scott. Bill was studying under world renowned BJJ instructor, Ricardo Almeida, and brought Tom to the Ricardo Almedia Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Academy. Since then Tom has been a loyal and devoted student to Ricardo Almeida and the rest of Team Renzo Gracie. In 2006, Tom was honored with the role of co-captain of the Ricardo Almeida Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu competition team.
Professor Tom DeBlass has established himself as one of the best adult American Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu competitors in the United States.  His competition record includes medals and championships in some of the world’s most prestigious Jiu-Jitsu competitions such as the Worlds, Nationals, and Pan American Jiu-Jitsu tournaments. Professor Tom and his staff have also managed to build one of the largest Jiu-Jitsu academies in New Jersey in both facility size (over 4,000 sq. feet) and student count (close to 250 students from all different walks of life). As an instructor, Professor Tom helps all individuals reach their goals and keeps classes non-competitive by offering separate classes for those looking to compete and those who do not. The academy’s environment is family-oriented and stress-free. The top priority of each instructor at Ocean County Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu is to make sure each student gets the individual attention they need in order to accomplish their goals while acquiring the knowledge of a sport that has changed the lives of so many.

source:  www.oceancountybjj.com

ADCC USA East Coast Trials Champions

ADCC USA East Coast trials held today in New Jersey produced a new group of qualifiers for the main event. The following fighters won their divisions :

usa flag

Over 99kg Tom DeBlass

Under 99 kg Gerard RInaldi

Under 88kg Chris Weidman

Under 77kg Enrico Cocco

Under 66kg Jayson Patino

Congratulations to all the winners . . . see you in Barcelona!
source: adcombat.com

Ryan Hall

Winner of the ADCC West Coast Trials under 66kg

ryan hall“The first of two North American qualifiers for the 2009 ADCC World Championship was held at the Cal State Dominguez Hills campus in Carson, CA. The brackets were filled with accomplished black belts hoping to earn their spot in the world’s most prestigious no-gi tournament, the Abu Dhabi Combat Club (ADCC) Submission Wrestling World Championship.
In the under 66 kg Professional division, Ryan put on the most dominant performance of the tournament, submitting all of his opponents in rapid fashion without surrendering an offensive point.

Ryan finished Matt Betzold (Gracie Barra) in the first round with a triangle and Dustin Thornton (Undisputed) with a 50/50 heel hook in the quarter-final. In the semi-final, Ryan faced off against Matt Sanchez (Team Alpha), an extremely tough opponent who had defeated one of the favourites, Justin Rader (Lovato), in the previous round. Ryan was able to sweep, take the back, mount, and finish with an arm lock from the triangle to advance to the final. In the championship match, Ryan defeated Ryan Lang (Rickson Gracie) with a 50/50 heel hook to earn the opportunity to compete against the world’s best lightweight grapplers at the ADCC main event in Barcelona, Spain later this year.”

source: 5050bjj.com

Congratulations for the 3rd place at the IBJJ world tournament. We are waiting for you in Barcelona, Ryan!

Kouhei Yasumi

kohei yasumiThe 2009 ADCC Japan Trial was held at Chuo-ku Sogo Sports Center. Under 66 kg, the division with the most number of entries, Kouhei Yasumi surprised everyone. He defeated a fourth place finisher of the 2007 ADCC at this weight class, Testu Hada-iro. It’s been nine years since Yasumi last competed in the World Championship.

Yasumi faced Hada-iro in the semi-final. This was a fast moving grappling action and neither fighter gave up any points and it went into the extra period. At the end it was Yasumi who kept on shooting in, scoring a couple takedowns and winning by points.

In the other bracket, Toida faced and defeated his ex-team mate Shioda, and came into the final. Yasumi said before the bout, “Today, my goal is to beat Keishu-kai (Keishu Gym)”, and that was the situation in the semi and the final! Yasumi took on two top Keishu-kai grapplers in a row.

Right from the beginning of the final, Yasumi took control against Toida. He fainted a couple shots in for take-downs. At one point Toida literally had to run away to not get into Yasumi’s rhythm. Even then Yasumi continued his attack and took down Toida more than a few times, but Toida switches his position to avoid giving away points. The bout went into the extra period. Yasumi shot in for a take-down, then got on the back but Toida somehow escapes. Then, back on their feet, Toida went for a single-leg. Both fighters didn’t score points so this one was headed for a double extra period. Then finally Yasumi nailed a beautiful take-down and took the side-mount. Toida was out of stamina. Yasumi moved in with a head and shoulder lock and it was all over.
kouhei yasumi
For Yasumi this was the first time competing in under 66 kg division and finally he got his right to compete in the World Championship, “I don’t want to experience the same thing again. (Lost in the first round in 2000 World Championships). I chose under 66 kg to win in the World.”

Yasumi was always looking ahead into the World Championships…

sources: www.adcombat.com and www.sherdog.com

Penny Thomas


penny thomasThe 2007 ADCC champion Penny Thomas was again at the highest place in the podium at the 2009 BJJ World Championship in Long Beach, California, USA. We are waiting to see her in action again in September at ADCC Barcelona 2009. Championship

South African Jiu-jitsu star Penny Thomas has been competitively involved in sports since she started Gymnastics at age 5. She was part of the SA Junior Olympic Team at 12 years old when she had to stop training to undergo spinal surgery. Penny went on to compete in a variety of sports, including swimming, sprinting and life-guarding. She started Brazilian Jiu-jitsu in South Africa more for the Self Defense aspects but after her first class, BJJ became a big part of Penny’s life – from traveling to Brazil each year to train and compete, to managing South Africa’s first Brazilian Jiu-jitsu out of her garage, to eventually resigning from her full time job as a software developer to go on tour and become South Africa’s first BJJ World Champion.

Penny believes that having a balanced life is the key to being healthy and she has always worked to maintain the academic and artistic aspects of her life. She has won awards for artwork she created, won an Advanced Mathematics Tournament and has had a successful 8 year career in software development.

Penny also believes that as a sportswoman, it’s important to maintain a feminine image, so she practices yoga regularly to maintain her flexibility and posture. She is also conscious about how she fuels her body and has been a vegetarian for the last 6 years. She also loves being outdoors in nature and in the ocean and trains Stand-Up Paddling and Capoeira for her cardio cross training.


Check our videos to watch her rolling!

Previous ADCC (2007) Final Results

The Abu Dhabi Combat Club World Championship is organized each 2 years.

Here are the results from the finals of the previous editions, ADCC 2007, in New Jersey, USA

roger olav



Roger Gracie defeated Olav Einemo (Norway)

Absolute division

Robert Drysdale (USA) defeated Marcelo Garcia

Over 99 Kg

Fabricio Werdum defeated Rolles Gracie

Under 99 Kg

Alexandre “Xande” Ribeiro defeated Braulio Estima

Under 87 Kg

Demian Maia defeated Flavio Cachorrinho

Under 76 Kg

Marcelo Garcia defeated Pablo Popovich

Under 65 Kg

Rani Yahya defeated Leo Vieria



Under 55 Kg

Sayaka Shioda (Japan) defeated Felicia Oh (USA)

Under 60 Kg

Kyra Gracie defeated Tara LaRosa (USA)

Under 67 Kg

Hanette “Staack” Quadros defeated Kelly Paul (USA)

Over 67 Kg

Penny Thomas (South Africa) defeated Lana Stefanac (USA)

Official results ADCC 2009 – South Pacific trials



under 65 Kg: David Marinakis

under 76 Kg: Rodney Ellis

under 87 Kg: Igor Praporshchikov

under 99 Kg: Anthony Perosh

over 99 Kg: Denis Roberts

Official results ADCC Japan trials 2009


under 66 Kg: Kouhei Yasumi (Lotus Paraestra Setagaya)

under 77 Kg: K-taro Nakamura (Wajiutsu Keishukai Tokyo Headquarters)

under 88 Kg: Yukinori Haruhara (Rodeo Style)

under 99 Kg: Kazuhiro Nakamura (Yoshida Dojo)

over 99 Kg: Kouji Kanechika (Team Tackler)


under 60 Kg: Megumi Fujii (AACC)

over 60 Kg: Hitomi Hiraiwa (AACC) *Hitomi Akano