Kazuhiro Nakamura

kazuhironakamuraBorn in 1979
Home: Japan
Style: Judo
Team: Yoshida Dojo
Division: under 87.9 Kg
MMA record: 13 – 9 – 0
Bio: Kazuhiro Nakamura represents the Yoshida Dojo and is the protege of Judo legend and 1992 Judo Olympic gold medallist, Hidehiko Yoshida. A black belt under Yoshida, Nakamura is very well respected in the Judo community in his own right and, like his teacher, has chosen to display his Judo skills in the arena of mixed martial arts. In order to prepare himself and balance his fighting abilities, Nakamura has been cross training primarily in boxing. However, perhaps his greatest advantage as a competitor is his calm demeanor … Nakamura claims he is never nervous before a match.

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